3d game

Karyukai Part 1

What can be more exciting then hot young student going to get an overseas journey after graduating? Only if she'll attempt to be a real geisha in Japan! Akimi is the principal nymph in this game. She dresses pretty whorey yet she will nevertheless has to learn a whole lot to become geisha. For this she belongs to Kyoto where she'll meet Enako who'll introduce her to the world of asian pleasure... The game is made in 3D modelling design. Some senes will be interactive - you will have to seek out active objects on the screen and trigger them. At some points you will need not just trigger a thing but immediately find respond for you action - hence that you finer to ake off your eyes away from Akimi's yummy booty occasionally! And recall: if you have stucked at some part just type in the word"japan" from the game to get a hint!

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