lession of passion

Weekend with Bradleys

In this game you'll get the opprtunity to spend this weekend together with the Bradley family. And don't worry - it won;t even be a stupid story about family reunion because this game is from"Lesson of Passion" series that imply sthat the major point of the menu you will most likely get in the bedroom... However, lets meet with our main characters first. So you'll be enjoying as Danny who had been working pretty hard and productive that is silent latley so no wonde rthat his manager - Mr Bradley - has not only noticed the stud but also invited him to spend the weekend at his big and fancy mansion! And do not worry - besides you two there will be additional guests like Brooke (Mr Bradley's secretary) and Melissa (Mr Bradley's wife). So that the question that you will have to think while getting the dinner is one - which one of teh beauties you want to fuck very first?

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