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Sakura pornstar

It's time for filthy PR - also this really can be Sakura's turn to get in the center of leaked fuck-a-thon gauze scandal! But there is 1 problem - her home video fucky-fucky gauze is yet to be created so that she can use your help. Are you ready to get behind the camera and take her while she will be getting fucked by Itachi? Great! Command them to begin to fuck and start your camera (by pressing distance button). Try to grab the most jummy minutes and angles of this hard-core ninja activity! Just don't leave behind to recharge the batteries or you will understand a game over screen instead of popshot culmination! The game is pretty short and plain and you also don't need to worry about Sakura's admirer to enjoy it - all you need to like is manga porn games. And much more games you can find in the developer's site (you'll get links for it in the end)

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