Ghost bang

At times you're able to meet a ghost in avery unusual place such as toilt room in the nighttime bar! But what he does here? Well, this is what our alluring heroine will learn personally... Game is made as a set of scenes. You can see them because they proceed to see the entire story in chronological order or you may use buttons positioned in the bottom portion of game screen to switch between those scenes in any sequence you desire. And there will be lots of them - besides introduction scene you will notice sets regarding vaginal, oral and even anal hook-up. And yes, they all occur on the filthy floor in the restroom room! But lets be honest - this female does not trying to run off or perhaps to scream for anybody's help so she is loving everything that occurs to her tonight a lot.

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Alena 2: Police Story

This can be a continuation of a story that was began on part one. As you remeber there was a few pervert in the neighborhood who liked to dominate his women during bang-out. It has occured police officer's interest who is eager to end these evil deeds and put this maniac into the palms of justice. However, being sexy woman by herself this officer has not even thought that she can lightly become the next plaything for this mysterios guy. And since this is hentai game with bdsm elements in it then you very likely already know in what direction the story will go but if you want to enjoy all the details you will have to play this game by yourself. Game has not only the narrative and hump scenes however a few plain minigames like memory puzzles.

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