Divided Heart

"Divided Heart" is actually the the interactive story concerning the married couple that can be considered as fairly ordinary family of today's world. Both of them are working hard to be able to put things together which renders them less time for each other and ofcourse it comes up with new problems - they are equally palnning or already have an events! Obviously such situation is never great for married couples nevertheless still it may have quite a few variations of resolving. And since you have very likely guessed it will be your decisions and choices across this game that will result in one of few different possible endings. Total"Divided Heart" is new game out of"Lesson of Fire" string and if you are familiar with it then you know what expect. Play now »

Elsa x Jack Frost: Don’t let it go (Part 2)

In case if you're interested in the full story then you should probably hunt for prior scene of this games. But if you here mostly to view anothe rone of Disney's famous princesses getting fucked then hit the play already! The story is all about Jack Frost and Elsa (from the movie"Frozen") and his or her connection. At some point out heroes are split from each other but Jack still keeps dreaming about Elsa. Sometimes he thinks that he could never see her agian. This is when his friends come to help... and to understand where the story goes from here you'll have to play the sport . The game is made as visual book and you will see a good deal of different toon personalities taking parts in it. It's possible to find the walkthrough in the primary menu in case if you get stuck someplace. Play now »