Monika Pays Off

In this game you're likely to play since the debt collector. Actually you possess a stripclub which is only the official front to cover up the illegal casino for poker games with quite high stakes. Ofcourse there are some guys among your clients who owes a lot of cash yet for some reasons not in a hurry to deliver it to you which now you will need to see these dudes by your self. In his building you won't find the man you're seeking yet there will be his sexy wifey and the less hot gf that will bring you certain ideas about alternative methods of obtaining the loans payed... Yet how precisely this tricky situation will develope next will be contingent on a series of choises you will create while progressing through the game. Just how much of sensual articles you will unlock? Let us find out! Play now »

A date with Sindi

This story tells you an interesting story about a young technology college student in Kansas. He's an attractive and athletic man. however he's alone. The coed wants to change his life and registers on a dating web site. At first, he chats with the woman known as Nikki, however the coed doesn't like her much. He is now able to see a young blonde lady named Cindy on a dating site. He sent her a letter and he or she responded. It was a great success. You have to help the girl prepare for the date. Use the planner to shop for sweets, flowers, and select a place for the date. Then, you should get to know Cindy better. Use the proper dialogue choices to get Cindy to love you. After that, you'll be able identify. Then, go to the area where a huge bed and an evening of sexual sexy fun with a sexy Cindy doll are waiting for you. Begin to talk to your partner as soon as you can. Play now »