Dream Job Season 2: Episode 1

Your previous dream job is missing and forgotten... that menas that the time has arrived for your fresh year and fresh dream project! Remember what you enjoyed the most while playing with the games from the first-ever season? In case the response is"hot women disrobing for you" then you are going to love this 2nd year even more! The story willbecome more complex and will involve more characters so by all means this season is promising to be at least two times better! And can be twice tighter as the most important idea - you need to pick the phrases and make conclusions correctly in different situatiosn so as to keep the narrative moving - is something which has not changed and it will not be so ordinary to unlock all the sensual content these game set has to suggest. Play now »

Dream Job Season 2: Episode 4

It appears that you are enjoying your job as you've already made it to the fourth episode of the second season. However, even though you know that it's way distant from your goals, there are certain bonuses are impossible to refuse. We're talking about the exact same bonuses that make this series of videoquests can be posted only on erotic themed websites! We'll get back to the story. Once again, you'll be given a variety of tasks from different women. You will also receive appropriate rewards for accomplishing these tasks. Yes Erotic content is part of the "proper reward definition. However, you must make correct decisions and enjoy the benefits. Best of luck! Play now »

A date with Sindi

This story tells you an interesting story about a young technology college student in Kansas. He's an attractive and athletic man. however he's alone. The coed wants to change his life and registers on a dating web site. At first, he chats with the woman known as Nikki, however the coed doesn't like her much. He is now able to see a young blonde lady named Cindy on a dating site. He sent her a letter and he or she responded. It was a great success. You have to help the girl prepare for the date. Use the planner to shop for sweets, flowers, and select a place for the date. Then, you should get to know Cindy better. Use the proper dialogue choices to get Cindy to love you. After that, you'll be able identify. Then, go to the area where a huge bed and an evening of sexual sexy fun with a sexy Cindy doll are waiting for you. Begin to talk to your partner as soon as you can. Play now »